Monday, February 2, 2009

The Loop

Today I finally got around to updating my resume, which is never fun but always instils a certain sense of pride once completed. I applied for a few positions that I'm hopeful about and then went for a run. I love Prospect Park and have been running there for three days now. Already I'm memorizing the terrain and am learning to save some energy for the final push up the hill. The loop is three and a half miles! I didn't know I could run that far. Run fat boy, run. I saw Loney, Dear play at Union Hall on Saturday and thought about the good old days, dancing in Nicole and Casey's living room to the song I am John. Music making is finally happening now that I have my stuff set up, and I'm liking what I'm writing. I'm trying to provide at least a half hour of music that will loop at Leanne's fashion show. I'm not sure if afterwards it will be an EP or just some background music for a special event. Here's hoping for the former. I'm still waiting on Nick and Jackson to write something, anything, to the Lake Pants songs I started. Get on it or I'll lazzzer your ass to your face!

1 comment:

  1. We are on it, tonight, I promise. Its really hard to get started, cus those tracks you sent me sound like a drunk watkins fell asleep on a keyboard.
    But i will tear it up