Friday, February 13, 2009

I finished the first song for Leanne's show and the second is nearly half way there. You can hear it at as if you didn't already know. Leanne got this little, itty bitty laptop for free and I love using it. All she has to do is take a picture with it! I want to be famous. I saw the Zs play last night at Zebulon and they were amazing. I was expecting a good show but was still blown away. Tonight is High Places, but guess what, it's sold out. I'm beginning to understand the importance of advanced ticket purchasing in NY. I love the old elements that some buildings still maintain after all these years. Mood has a lift operator and Macy's has wooden escalators. We went to a party and met some celebs but I'm not allowed to talk about it. I will say that the view was beautiful and we had a great time. Less than a week now until the show. We received the pedestals in the mail today and they were not what we were hoping for. I'm going to have to get some wood cut, do some puttying, sanding and painting. Not cool.

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