Monday, May 11, 2009

She's so cute!
Carrots are good for me!

I think my favorite thing about seeing Throbbing Gristle, was that this elevator at the Masonic Temple used the insignia as its floor indicator.
We went to the flea market and I saw this and I wanted to build it.
This is almost as funny as Happy Boy Margarine.

I wanted to bring this home but it was too heavy.
Roof top action
Hi-five man, you totally killed that fly. Rad.
We atz bazeball? I can haz hot dog?
The requisite Brooklyn Bridge walk for visitors.
So we walked like five miles to the Statue of Liberty fairy and they were closed, at three in the afternoon, bummer.
These koi were huge! Taken at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden near our apt.
Dinner on the roof.
Cale Parks show at Union Hall, with Jackson, Nick, Jordan and Leanne.
It did say Cock and Balls, but I thought that was inappropriate.

Brian T Smith

We went to the new Yankee stadium and it was very exciting! Leanne had never been to any baseball game before, and I think we may have ruined her. The third pitch was a homerun for the Rays and in total something like seven of them were hit that night. It was a perfect day, and the full moon came out as it got dark. We lost, but I don't think anyone really cared except the agro dude down a row that was yelling and scaring us and probably on his way home to beat his wife, all decked out head to toe in Yankee gear.

Afterwards we hit up a Yankee bar down the street and drank until we thought the masses had already caught their trains. It was so great of Brian to buy us tickets!

Monkey is our baby and she will never grow up.
Okay, how did she get so cute?

Jackson's flip-flop beer tank on our roof. Will it ever be warm again?

Bible Cake! What the fuck?

This is the gallery I work at and this is the installation I worked very hard at. Nicolas Buffe did all the design and I cut out all the details and helped hang it. Yes, I'm proud of my work.