Monday, November 9, 2009


We just got back from Nassau in the Bahamas where Leanne showed some of her most recent collection. We had a lot of time to see the sites and relax, we swam in the ocean and in the pools. The water park at Atlantis was amazing, two slides actually shoot you through a shark tank, which I think Leanne took some pictures of and might post.

The locals were really nice and I liked the buses, which you flagged down and jumped aboard, usually the door stayed open. The uniforms were very attractive, as you can see, and I liked the safari explorer from the 30's the most. It was an amazing trip, but it's nice to be home, even if our bed is nowhere near as comfortable as the hotel's and we have traffic noise instead of ocean waves. I was getting a little tired of being treated as a tourist.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

This was a very nice day in Prospect Park. There was an artist painting in the middle of the field and I found this cool tree, like from Sleepy Hollow.

New York public school

Installation shot and two details of John S. Vitale's show at envoy this week. It's the last of the One Day at a Time series that we've been doing since Feb. that's hosted six shows a week, each for 24 hrs. It feels like an end of a small era in a way, but it's nice to wrap it up. Coin Under Tongue and the Wild Yaks just about blew the roof off downstairs afterwards, so happy they could play!

This bakery is amazing, and their prices are very low. Just far enough away to keep us from over doing it.

I have to post at least one picture of my super cute girlfriend, adorable!

Today we walked down a block and watched the NYC marathon for about an hour. We saw our friend Kate and she was looking strong at 8 miles, and was happy to have us rooting for her. The whole experience was just so positive, seeing people from all over the world, united in this difficult task. We saw all kinds of costumes, gorillas, bananas, superheros, pirates, and I honestly felt like joining in and attempting to run with everyone and receive the appluase and hi-fives that the large crowd was eagerly doling out. The mass of people running is difficult to describe, but it was something I'll never forget. Maybe I'll join them next year!

Monday, October 26, 2009

New App

Kai came to visit and showed off his neato folding sunglasses.

Young grasshopper

The Avett Brothers at envoy. Such nice guys!

This is the icecream cake Leanne made for my birthday, it's Monkey!

Delaney and Chris were on tour and stayed with us, got us into their show with Star Fucker.

Abandoned keyboard in Ft. Greene park.

Where all the nappers work.

The bird club on Chrystie st.

I just found this free blog app for my phone, so hopefully I'll be posting a lot more. I miss all my Portland friends and wish I were better at keeping in touch, maybe this will help with that. Don't be shy, leave comments!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hooray, they came to visit! We had such a nice time with Nicole and Auggie, we really missed those guys. We went to bars, and then other bars, we ate breakfeast at fun places, and went to comic shops, and rode the ferry, we bet on horse racing, we had roof parties, we went to bars, it was great.
I think the DNA testing van would do well in Portland.

This is in the park beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. They were playing the original Pink Panther and we sat in the lawn and ate ice cream.

The high line is an old railroad system suspended about 20 feet off the ground that has been turned into a walking park. It was fun and is a wonderful example of urban renewal. We were there about 5 minutes after the hellicopter/plane crash that you mayhave heard about, and were confused by all the fire engines and ambulances until we heard about it later that day.

Leanne on the ferry to Staten Island. Nice shoes eh?

Man, I missed Auggie.

You can't see this guys face, but he's about 75 years old and is still totally a playa. Notice the backwards ball cap, the kicks and the baggy pants.

Martynka getting shot with ketchep at envoy by little boys...issues.

We went to Suede's up north on the Deleware river and had a very nice weekend. We swam and ate well, watched a few movies and just relaxed. It was my first time leaving the city since arriving here in January, so it was long overdue.
I met Matt Pinfield during the Dead Weather show. Yes, I'm as tired as I look.

Both of my recent shows went really well, and I'm excited about booking some more and recording some material. Here's a link to a recording of the first show, it's under the July 31st posting.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The commute home.

Ah the glorious life of the curator.

I'm pretty sure one of these is Woody Allen's house, no really!

Making money in New York is easy.

These were the worst fries I've ever had, hands down.

It's the boobies part of your foot. No word yet on the location of the cock and balls portion.

Auggie and Nicole will be here in two weeks, a little less actually, and I'm super excited to show them around and get really drunk. I'm actually going to be in Portland at the end of August, so stay tuned for exact days and locations. Probably stay with Nick and Jackson for a bit, but Brian T Smith will also be living there by then as well. He's landed a dream job covering the blazers for a Vancouver paper and beat out people from all over the US for it, including writers from Chicago Tribune if I'm not mistaken. Give him a call and buy him a beer now, before his season tickets go to someone else.
I have two shows coming up, my first in NY and therefore my first in almost seven months. I'm excited and nervous, and very happy that Nicole and Auggie will get to see one of them. Work's going well, can't really talk about it, but I love my job. We just had the Dead Weather (Jack White's new band) play downstairs in the bar and I think have finally recovered from the many days of preparation. Kids were actually camping out the night before to get in (pictures to come). If you want to see what's happening at my job, pop on over to
Leanne's out of town this weekend visiting her parents so I've been eating home cooked pizza and drinking pabst for a few days. I did manage to shave myself the other day, which I'm proud of. I will now go to all of your blogs and see what you are doing. Miss your faces!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jerry and Jaimey visited too! They were in town for a wedding and I we had a great time walking over the Brooklyn Bridge (mandatory) and getting coffe vacumed into individual cups. The new Ace looks very nice, but I'm not too hot on their customer service (long story). We wanted to ride these scooter acroos the bridge but they cost a fortune!

This is how big a blue whale is, fucking big.

Guess what, I met Sonic Youth, the whole band, when they released their record at our gallery. This is Thurston's art.

Nick let Leanne do his hair. Very Flock of Seagulls, eh?