Monday, August 17, 2009

Hooray, they came to visit! We had such a nice time with Nicole and Auggie, we really missed those guys. We went to bars, and then other bars, we ate breakfeast at fun places, and went to comic shops, and rode the ferry, we bet on horse racing, we had roof parties, we went to bars, it was great.
I think the DNA testing van would do well in Portland.

This is in the park beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. They were playing the original Pink Panther and we sat in the lawn and ate ice cream.

The high line is an old railroad system suspended about 20 feet off the ground that has been turned into a walking park. It was fun and is a wonderful example of urban renewal. We were there about 5 minutes after the hellicopter/plane crash that you mayhave heard about, and were confused by all the fire engines and ambulances until we heard about it later that day.

Leanne on the ferry to Staten Island. Nice shoes eh?

Man, I missed Auggie.

You can't see this guys face, but he's about 75 years old and is still totally a playa. Notice the backwards ball cap, the kicks and the baggy pants.

Martynka getting shot with ketchep at envoy by little boys...issues.

We went to Suede's up north on the Deleware river and had a very nice weekend. We swam and ate well, watched a few movies and just relaxed. It was my first time leaving the city since arriving here in January, so it was long overdue.
I met Matt Pinfield during the Dead Weather show. Yes, I'm as tired as I look.

Both of my recent shows went really well, and I'm excited about booking some more and recording some material. Here's a link to a recording of the first show, it's under the July 31st posting.