Friday, March 20, 2009

This isn't the only example of New York being an expensive city, but it's a pretty good one.
Leanne and I got crafty today and made this cover for our ugly bare overhead light.

Nathan Noodles.

Ha ha, hoooo, oh man, a wash for your vegetables? First off, have you ever heard of water? Second, seven bucks? Fuck you!

We didn't buy this one, too big.

I have an interview on Tuesday that I'm very excited about although I don't think it will be full-time to start off with. I did a job for the Guild yesterday and tore my hands up pretty bad, but it was good money. Leanne now has a work space so we're moving her in tomorrow which will be rad for her. It's a huge space and she's going to get some great work done there. Also, it looks like she'll be in Portland soon to see you guys, I'm jealous. I went to a really cool masterclass yesterday where a Pulitzer Prize winning composer commented on student's work at MSM. It made me think more seriously about getting a masters in composition. It's of course tempting right now as I'm not working and the economy is bad, but I don't think I'm ready for it, if I ever will be. Academia has its pros, but also its cons. Thinking off all my friends in Portland, let's talk on the phone once in a while eh?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Candy Land

Leanne and the organizers of the epilepsy benefit.
Paul Shaffer from Letterman.

Candy stairs!

Purple Chocolate Fountain!!

Free candy and cupcakes!!!

This week we attended Purple Day, which benefits epilepsy. Leanne was one of the guests of honor and I went along for the free food (of course). Afterwards we all had to attend the diabetes benefit (Leanne's joke).

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Week Eight

We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge again yesterday and ended up in historic Tribeca. I really like the building in the background. We visited the Sasha Wolf Gallery and I stood in the same spot that Frederic Douglas arrived in New York on more than 150 years ago.
These are for the children of white trash, Leanne and I agreed.

And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free, and I do do do da dee dum, hmmm hmm oh ...and I proudly stand up next to you...something something else. God Bless the U! S! A! FUCK YEAH!!!

This is near the library and the park. I walk by it a lot and wanted to share it with you. Neat eh? Commemorates the end of the civil war and the victorious north.

I have a second interview for a position as an executive assistant tomorrow, so wish me luck. I just saw on Yahoo that more than 700 people applied for a custodial arts position in, I want to say, Iowa. Yikes. I'm really looking forward to working again. I'm also working on a website that will have my music, art, comics and everything all in one place, including my new, yet to be announced comic project. So, stay tuned.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

We were waiting for our train, it was very late, and got excited when we heard it coming, but it was the garbage train!

Leanne hid these babies in the box of cereal and surprised me.
Monkey was being very cute the other night and let us take a million pictures of her.

We found the real Brooklyn Library and it's full of good books! I was so excited! Lots of music to read! Exclamation point!

The first Tapatio sighting since moving here. She's in love.
We're going to eat this exclusively from now on.
I think you can use this to talk to people in the future.
The baddest Keytar player in NYC! He had these kids dancing like mad all around him. They were chanting "Big Mac, big mac, big mac". today