Friday, February 20, 2009

the big day

Oh my, where to start. So last night was the big show and it went really, really well. The initial press is great and Leanne is very happy and will, I'm sure, want to bloggy about it so I won't steal her thunder. I can only tell you about the events as I saw them through my own two eyes, red and puffy from lack of sleep. The whole day was spent getting last minute details in order; finding last minute model replacements, ordering wine, buying table clothes, cups, an upright steamer, picking up the vinyls signs, etc. John V. met me and helped with everything. We set up the sound and the pedestals and Nathan W. ran the whole makeup/hair department very well. In no time at all it was 6:30 and we had a half-hour to wrap everything up, which didn't quite happen. I went outside to see how the crowd was coming along and there were maybe fifty people waiting patiently to get inside. It was very cold last night and I hated not opening right at seven, but I wasn't really designated as "the man in charge" although I started taking on those responsibilities as time drew nearer to opening. I would have been fine kicking asses too, you guys know my dadittude loves to surface whenever possible. So most people were great, but one girl, who I won't name, was not. She was very rude and condescending and was pissed off even before 7:00 came around that she wasn't inside, but I was pretty nice to her and told her it was out of my hands.
We opened at maybe 15 after and people seemed immediately impressed with her clothing. My music was playing in the background and I heard some nice comments about that as well. Twice it was accidentally turned off by people rummaging for their bags and knocking the hidden receiver behind the curtain. My fault for putting it there.
It's so nice to have it done with and it was also very fun to experience. Next time will be so very, very different. This was all very hurried and we're both excited to spend months instead of weeks on the next project. I'm especially excited for Leanne, as to date she's not presented anything that she's not been rushed to complete. She will blow people's socks off, I know it!

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  1. Nathan, xoxoxo and thanks for keeping us in the loop! I really wish I could have been there with you guys. Miss you.