Friday, January 30, 2009

Second Christmas

                                             (0f course I thought of Auggie right away)

Our stuff finally arrive (a week late, don't get me started) and we were like "why do we have so much shit?". I guess we'd gotten used to our minimal lives over the past few weeks, but also I think we packed a little too much. Top three useless things I packed: two pillows, a human hand made of concrete, and a broken shoe rack that I threw away after unpacking. Someone else, who I won't name, packed Q-tips (and wouldn't buy new ones while waiting for them to arrive) and an old cheerleader uniform. Maybe that will come in handy. I set up my music room, mostly, and Leanne's sewing room is looking pretty good. It's really starting to feel like home. This weekend we're going to see Loney Dear, next week is Final Fantasy and the following is High Places. I've made it a goal to see at least one show a week, no matter what, so lets hope that happens. Still looking for work, but I've been keeping myself busy helping Leanne coordinate her upcoming fashion show. I found a great space for it and I've been helping pick models and run errands. It makes me feel important. I'm also in charge of the music and can now start writing some new material for the event. The mood will be pretty mellow, which right now is a challenge as I just want to make crazy, upbeat stuff. I miss you all, which goes without saying. I can't thank those who helped load our stuff enough, we had a hell of a time hauling it up two flights of stairs ourselves so I know those boxes were heavy. Thanks again! 

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hello all! Let's see, where to start, where to start. Well, from the top, we finally got Monkey a scratcher and it came with organic cat nip, which as it turns out, is like some horny potion for cats. She's never had it before and she wents fucking crazy on thats shits, like a heart song. It was new Animal Collective day and we stopped for ice cream along the way to the record store. Next we went to the gothic fashion exhibit at FIT and saw some very cool, scary things by many notable designers. Limo got towed, beeeach!! Checking out places for Leanne's upcoming fashion week show, saw all these old people eating inside Penn Station and had to take a picture, it was bizarre. MOMA pictures, we love free days. This white structure is by Matthew Barney. Monkey wants asparagus, we adopted this little crab, and finally, the cock clock. What time is it? It's sex o' cock, time for more sex. It shoots white smoke out the top, really!! We can see it from our apartment. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today is Thursday... right?

I haven't being doing too much lately, just really waiting for our stuff to get here so I can start working on music. Honestly, all this comic book reading, movie watching, online time wasting, has taken its toll and I've forgotten exactly which day of the week it is. I know Wednesday is half price day at the video store, so that means today is Thursday, I think. I'm still hunting for a job, but neither of the two that I really wanted have gotten back to me yet. In a way, having constant email access is a bad thing, as I check every fifteen minutes or so and am disappointed just as frequently. The boxes were supposed to arrive today, but upon calling I discovered they are still in Cleveland, no doubt in line for the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. So that means today I can continue job hunting, perhaps buy a desk that I will desperately need, finish my kitchen cutting board project or something else equally trivial. All I want to do is rock. I think I'll work on  a Lake Pants Laser Dub Tron song. Keep you posted. 

Monday, January 19, 2009

Owls In Cardigans

Yesterday I had to make another trip to the dreaded Ikea, but this time I had a plan and was in and out in less than a half hour. The rest of the day was spent assembling our new dresser and kitchen counter, which in reality was meant for changing poopy diapers. I tried to pretend Monkey was our baby, but she didn't want her diaper changed. Last night we went out to, get this, a west coast themed bar! They have Rogue on tap, as well as others, and some cool decor (see above). It was trivia night and Alex had room on his team. I came up with the team name, Owls In Cardigans and we destroyed the competition, coming in second out of maybe twenty teams. We celebrated with shots of whiskey. WHO WHO WHO WHO!!! (our war cry). Today I applied for a couple jobs online. One would be as a music writer and the other would be as shop boy in Soho. I hope I get both as they are part-time and I need the days off to write my music, once my instruments arrive that is. Some great shows are coming up. Pattern is Movement on the 23rd at Bell House and Loney Dear the 31st at Union Hall. I'm reading the latest American Elf collection and I'm loving it. I hope he does it forever ( Also today, we went to our favorite deli, the best deli in the whole world, 5th Ave. Deli. They are open 24/7 and have the best, most extensive sandwich board ever!! I got a Pope on Fifth, which has roast beef, turkey, muenster cheese and brown gravy on a hogie and Leanne got the White House, which consists of chicken breast, bacon, lettuce and tomato on a roll. They have EVERYTHING at this deli, and the workers are nice and always joke around with us. Key Foods is closer, but they are jerks to us and hate their jobs. We're not going there anymore. It snowed all day. 

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Monkey, the cat

So, many of you must be wondering how Monkey is adjusting to all this excitement, maybe you're just wondering how in the hell we managed to get the wild animal here in the first place. Well, she's fine and we drugged the shit out of her. She only woke up when the plane landed and she must have been pretty freaked out because she started crying like a new-born baby. She liked John's place and made a new best friend while staying there, the toilet brush. She enjoyed passing the lazy afternoons rubbing against its stinky, blue whiskers and I think was a little heart-broken when we hid it and laughed at her. The new place, our place, is slowly becoming home to her, but she still wants out. The street and neighborhood in general is too busy for this though, and she is now officially an indoor cat. We tried to walk her on a leash, but I think we are too lazy to put in the necessary time and energy for this to become an effective alternative to staying in-doors. She thought walking backwards would somehow free her from the harness, which of course it didn't, but it was hilarious to watch.  
       I drank some coffee this morning and decided I wanted to find out what our kids would look like. Not very attractive was the answer. Then Leanne said, Hey let's not have kids. 
        We met Alex last night, of PR cartoon fame. He's great and is dating a very nice girl who looks exactly like my little sister Lara. Alex owns the best comic store in New York, Rocketship, and also owns an iPhone. We shared apps. 

Friday, January 16, 2009

Free Stuff

Hey you know what? My girlfriend is in Elle magazine this month (Kate Hudson on the cover)! You should go buy it, she's on pages 66 and 70 and I even get a little mention as the "music composer boyfriend". Also, she's in Portland Monthly. I'm so proud! Today I went to the library and got a Brooklyn Library card. I must admit that the Park Slope library has fewer volumes than say, my friend Brian Smith's house. They didn't have shit, or I guess they did have shit. Either way. We passed by this crazy place in the middle of a bunch of brownstones and had to take photos. I found a free G4 mirrored power mac on the street and also a nice Ikea book shelf. I was just reading a R. Crumb comic about all the free stuff rich people throw out, and then today I witness it first hand. The book shelf weighed a ton and I had to cary it alone for many, many blocks. Finally I reached the front door and Leanne helped me carry it up the two flights of rickety stairs. I kid you not, in places it looks like the whole stair well is held together with just an "L" brace. Sketchy. Here's the results of a fun makeover site Leanne found that I had to try as well ( Leanne's socks are always mismatched and I think it's cute. 

Thursday, January 15, 2009

More pictures

I helped John put this party for Louis Vitton together. He's a big shot now. We went to see Mahler's 5th and it was beautiful (don't mind their excitement).  Visited one of John's favorite places, the Museum of Natural History, with his wonderful new girlfriend, Andrea. This is the view from the subway on our way home. And our grocery store... burnt sugar and children's laxative. Enough said. 

Our Apartment

This is our new place. Leanne will have the large space as a studio and I'll have the smaller as a music room, but it will also be the sit-on-a-coach room, guest room and arm wrestling room (strange dream last night that I was lifting weights, woke up very sore). The bedroom is just that. It's about the size of our bed, but that's fine with us. The foundation is very noticeably slanted, but we live in a great neighborhood! See what a positive thinker I am? We have dozens of restaurants, bars, clothing stores, banks, grocery stores and the like. We live close to a liquor store and a laundry mat and the park is also nearby. Come visit me so we can get drunk, wash the visitor sheets and then throw the frisbee around. 


Hey look! We bought iPhones! Also, we went shopping at Brooklyn Ikea, better known as the 9th level of hell (bratty kids, rude employees, four hours of shopping) and now I have a blog. Did I mention I live in Park Slope? What kind of douche bag burrito am I becoming? 

We Made It !

Leanne and I have finally arrived in New York and are starting to get settled. Today is the first day in a week and a half in which I haven't had a million things to do, and the timing couldn't be more perfect. It's 18 degrees and snowing, which is beautiful from indoors, but very unpleasant to walk through. Yesterday all of our stuff was loaded on to a truck and is currently in route here. I can't thank my good friends enough for their help with this! I hope the pizza was good, but I know I owe them more than that.