Friday, January 30, 2009

Second Christmas

                                             (0f course I thought of Auggie right away)

Our stuff finally arrive (a week late, don't get me started) and we were like "why do we have so much shit?". I guess we'd gotten used to our minimal lives over the past few weeks, but also I think we packed a little too much. Top three useless things I packed: two pillows, a human hand made of concrete, and a broken shoe rack that I threw away after unpacking. Someone else, who I won't name, packed Q-tips (and wouldn't buy new ones while waiting for them to arrive) and an old cheerleader uniform. Maybe that will come in handy. I set up my music room, mostly, and Leanne's sewing room is looking pretty good. It's really starting to feel like home. This weekend we're going to see Loney Dear, next week is Final Fantasy and the following is High Places. I've made it a goal to see at least one show a week, no matter what, so lets hope that happens. Still looking for work, but I've been keeping myself busy helping Leanne coordinate her upcoming fashion show. I found a great space for it and I've been helping pick models and run errands. It makes me feel important. I'm also in charge of the music and can now start writing some new material for the event. The mood will be pretty mellow, which right now is a challenge as I just want to make crazy, upbeat stuff. I miss you all, which goes without saying. I can't thank those who helped load our stuff enough, we had a hell of a time hauling it up two flights of stairs ourselves so I know those boxes were heavy. Thanks again! 


  1. are those golden girl dolls? i need it! so good to speak to you and hear yours and leannes voice! it seems like forever. be on the look out. ill be sending your paycheck with a care package sometime this week. keep on bloggin.