Sunday, February 22, 2009

Friday we woke up early and rushed to the tents at Bryant Park to watch the Project Runway season 6 finale. Leanne forget the invitation and was worried we might not get in, and I was like "you won this fucking thing last time, shit" and of course they ushered us to the front where we ran into Jerell and Koto and even our friend Alex. Tom and Lorenzo of Rungay fame were present as were most the cast of last season and earlier seasons as well. It was great to see everybody! Kenley looked very pretty and I talked to her and her fiance for a bit. The funniest thing was running into my friend Courtney from Portland who was working the event.
The show itself only consisted of the three finalists and the first two were not so inspiring in my opinion. The last, however, was phenomenal. Very science fiction, very tough. Hands down the new winner of PR. Afterwards we all went out to brunch at the Roosevelt Hotel as guests of the very lovely Laura of Blogging Project Runway notoriety. Then Leanne and I headed over to the space to clean with Ana, who was amazing throughout this whole process. It's such a rare thing to meet somebody so helpful and accommodating in a new city right away. Leanne had an interview in the newly cleaned space and then we went home and slept for a long time, woke up and ate Indian food, and then slept again.
Yesterday we cleaned the apartment and then headed out to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Our plan was to catch the exhibit at Barbara Gladstone gallery, but we missed it in the end. The day was clear and not too cold and it was a first for both of us to walk into Manhattan. We poked around a little in Soho and then popped into a diner to get a beer. As we're waiting for it to come, who should appear but my friend Courtney again, who was working there! What are the odds of that? She is rad and we are going to an Oscar party with her tonight.
We were walking around some more, waiting to connect with Jerell, when on a dark street near NYU a man walking in front of us suddenly started smashing car windows with bricks he had in a bag. We ran away. We were scared.
Last night we kicked it with Jerell who is crazy funny, he had us in near tears. We danced at a club for a minute and got home at 3am which is a first for us in our new city. I was proud.

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