Sunday, February 8, 2009

Final Count Down

                                                       Save your money for therapy.
                                                      I wanted to take him home 
                                                      So pretty and so stinky
                                                       It's like a cassette tape 

Well, we're sick. Or at least I'm sick and Leanne is pretending to be sick so that I won't feel so bad. My left eye is crying and snot just drips from my nose uncontrollably, which is super sexy I think. Ten days until the fashion show and we both still have a lot to do, although we are making progress. I hope to finish the first ten-minute piece today and will maybe start the second. My plan is to have three ten-minute pieces that will loop over a two-hour period. Later, I will cut these down to maybe four minute pieces and then release them with the other versions as an e.p. or single, whatever. It's great to be making music again, as well as challenging, rewarding, all of that. I didn't go to Final Fantasy because I'm sick, but he's playing again at the end of the month with Grizzly Bear, who I like. Next week is High Places! Leanne has inters, finally, and I'm hoping they kick ass and help her get this shit finished. I'm a little nervous for her, but very confident that it will rule. John has helped remind us what look we were going for in our original ideas for the show and for that I'm very grateful. He's made some excellent observations and has put some time into planning this that is very much appreciated. 


  1. i can't wait to hear/see/know the results. so exciting. i love and miss all three of you guys (yes, even the monkey).

    i would have taken the giraffe. just saying.

  2. i hope you feel better soon! miss you guys.