Friday, January 16, 2009

Free Stuff

Hey you know what? My girlfriend is in Elle magazine this month (Kate Hudson on the cover)! You should go buy it, she's on pages 66 and 70 and I even get a little mention as the "music composer boyfriend". Also, she's in Portland Monthly. I'm so proud! Today I went to the library and got a Brooklyn Library card. I must admit that the Park Slope library has fewer volumes than say, my friend Brian Smith's house. They didn't have shit, or I guess they did have shit. Either way. We passed by this crazy place in the middle of a bunch of brownstones and had to take photos. I found a free G4 mirrored power mac on the street and also a nice Ikea book shelf. I was just reading a R. Crumb comic about all the free stuff rich people throw out, and then today I witness it first hand. The book shelf weighed a ton and I had to cary it alone for many, many blocks. Finally I reached the front door and Leanne helped me carry it up the two flights of rickety stairs. I kid you not, in places it looks like the whole stair well is held together with just an "L" brace. Sketchy. Here's the results of a fun makeover site Leanne found that I had to try as well ( Leanne's socks are always mismatched and I think it's cute. 

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  1. Woah. Blog shout out. Heavy. I have even more books now, man. It's paperback heaven here in the Old South.

    You found a computer on the street? Really? Wowzers. NYC is funny.

    Elle is a great (and very underrated) mag. Congrats, Leanne!!!