Saturday, January 17, 2009

Monkey, the cat

So, many of you must be wondering how Monkey is adjusting to all this excitement, maybe you're just wondering how in the hell we managed to get the wild animal here in the first place. Well, she's fine and we drugged the shit out of her. She only woke up when the plane landed and she must have been pretty freaked out because she started crying like a new-born baby. She liked John's place and made a new best friend while staying there, the toilet brush. She enjoyed passing the lazy afternoons rubbing against its stinky, blue whiskers and I think was a little heart-broken when we hid it and laughed at her. The new place, our place, is slowly becoming home to her, but she still wants out. The street and neighborhood in general is too busy for this though, and she is now officially an indoor cat. We tried to walk her on a leash, but I think we are too lazy to put in the necessary time and energy for this to become an effective alternative to staying in-doors. She thought walking backwards would somehow free her from the harness, which of course it didn't, but it was hilarious to watch.  
       I drank some coffee this morning and decided I wanted to find out what our kids would look like. Not very attractive was the answer. Then Leanne said, Hey let's not have kids. 
        We met Alex last night, of PR cartoon fame. He's great and is dating a very nice girl who looks exactly like my little sister Lara. Alex owns the best comic store in New York, Rocketship, and also owns an iPhone. We shared apps. 

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  1. i love you blogging! awesome pictures. also, if those makeover pictures are any indication of what your and leannes kids would look like, then please, get snipped.
    also, monkey will escape, because she is evil and ruthless and cunning and she knows why a caged bird sings Nathan Mckee!
    good luck with all that. we miss you. you get your stuff yet?