Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today is Thursday... right?

I haven't being doing too much lately, just really waiting for our stuff to get here so I can start working on music. Honestly, all this comic book reading, movie watching, online time wasting, has taken its toll and I've forgotten exactly which day of the week it is. I know Wednesday is half price day at the video store, so that means today is Thursday, I think. I'm still hunting for a job, but neither of the two that I really wanted have gotten back to me yet. In a way, having constant email access is a bad thing, as I check every fifteen minutes or so and am disappointed just as frequently. The boxes were supposed to arrive today, but upon calling I discovered they are still in Cleveland, no doubt in line for the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. So that means today I can continue job hunting, perhaps buy a desk that I will desperately need, finish my kitchen cutting board project or something else equally trivial. All I want to do is rock. I think I'll work on  a Lake Pants Laser Dub Tron song. Keep you posted. 


  1. Are those what i think those are? They look like them, I think they are, YA, THEY ARE!, THERE LAZZZZZZZZZZERSSSSSSSSSS!!!!.
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