Saturday, March 14, 2009

Candy Land

Leanne and the organizers of the epilepsy benefit.
Paul Shaffer from Letterman.

Candy stairs!

Purple Chocolate Fountain!!

Free candy and cupcakes!!!

This week we attended Purple Day, which benefits epilepsy. Leanne was one of the guests of honor and I went along for the free food (of course). Afterwards we all had to attend the diabetes benefit (Leanne's joke).

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  1. diabetes benefit? HI-larious! i want candy stairs in my house! maybe the stairs to my back porch (insert dirty joke here). im missing you, and need to call you asap! carrie, nicole and i are heading to frisco for SPRING BREAK 2009! carolyn, danny, and lola are back in portland. im playing tennis now. did u ever watch the roast? we did. some things are best left a memory. you were wonderful, and so was ricki! i was so drunk and high when she went up i forgot how good she was. it made us miss you more though. hope your calling you...soonish.