Sunday, March 1, 2009

We were waiting for our train, it was very late, and got excited when we heard it coming, but it was the garbage train!

Leanne hid these babies in the box of cereal and surprised me.
Monkey was being very cute the other night and let us take a million pictures of her.

We found the real Brooklyn Library and it's full of good books! I was so excited! Lots of music to read! Exclamation point!

The first Tapatio sighting since moving here. She's in love.
We're going to eat this exclusively from now on.
I think you can use this to talk to people in the future.
The baddest Keytar player in NYC! He had these kids dancing like mad all around him. They were chanting "Big Mac, big mac, big mac". today


  1. casey could eat his heart out. i never saw people chanting "big mac" when he played keytar. i knew he was just an amateur.

    i miss you guys so much.

    Yay hot sauce!

  2. wow! its like youve been stranded on another planet! babies in bowls! love it (straight out of the mischief book!). bunion billboards! so much better than those poems in motion on the bus here. we hecka miss u guys. keep blogging, this one was soo funny!

  3. I WANT HAPPY BOY MARGARINE! The typing in all caps makes it clear how much i want it. You two rule, keep on with all the keepin on. miss ya!!!!!!