Sunday, November 1, 2009

This was a very nice day in Prospect Park. There was an artist painting in the middle of the field and I found this cool tree, like from Sleepy Hollow.

New York public school

Installation shot and two details of John S. Vitale's show at envoy this week. It's the last of the One Day at a Time series that we've been doing since Feb. that's hosted six shows a week, each for 24 hrs. It feels like an end of a small era in a way, but it's nice to wrap it up. Coin Under Tongue and the Wild Yaks just about blew the roof off downstairs afterwards, so happy they could play!

This bakery is amazing, and their prices are very low. Just far enough away to keep us from over doing it.

I have to post at least one picture of my super cute girlfriend, adorable!

Today we walked down a block and watched the NYC marathon for about an hour. We saw our friend Kate and she was looking strong at 8 miles, and was happy to have us rooting for her. The whole experience was just so positive, seeing people from all over the world, united in this difficult task. We saw all kinds of costumes, gorillas, bananas, superheros, pirates, and I honestly felt like joining in and attempting to run with everyone and receive the appluase and hi-fives that the large crowd was eagerly doling out. The mass of people running is difficult to describe, but it was something I'll never forget. Maybe I'll join them next year!

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  1. dude, your taking me to that bakery next visit! and that tree is creepy.