Saturday, July 11, 2009

Been too long

Nick and Jackson came back from South America and we took them to this crazy Indian place that is right next to another crazy Indian place and the men out front fight over your business. They both have the exact same decor and it's very amusing. They didn't give Nick all of his dinner though, and then they wouldn't knock any bucks off the bill and I got heated and told them we'd be going next door from then on!

A very nice day spent alone in the big city. The view from the Manhattan bridge, the Met, and Central Park. This little guy looks like something I'd draw, only he's a few hundred years old.

Oh god, this is making me so hungry. Let's go into this establishment and order some of their delicious looking food.

This is a dumpster full of pillows! It's like in the cartoons, when someone falls out the window and lands safely on pillows, that can really happen.

Wasn't supposed to take pictures, got into trouble. I sorries.

Near downtown Brooklyn, fun park.

Ah, the Met. Been here a lot lately. I love me some Modiglioni.

Ian came to visit and we had a great time. He played my guitar and it was beautiful. We ate good food, went to the Natural Hist. Museum, and caught a performance by the NYPHS in a huge old church. Great concert even if the line to get in was three bocks long and we couldn't see much. We also went to a burlesque show and Ian met Moby.This bathroom was very sketchy at the club. Ian loves icecream.

Theo Mercier was inspired by my bathroom invention and made this work after seeing it. Only thing is, it's selling for around 7 grand and I'm not getting a cut. Everything is starting to look like a site specific installation to me. These chicken wings on the subway stairs would probably sell...


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